To drum up a little hype when the V8s rolled into town, we pitted the TeamVodafone Boys against some locals in a pre-race race. But in this race, the Boys couldn’t use their cars – because that would just be unfair.

Having the top V8 Supercar team, TeamVodafone our aim was to produce a series of entertaining events for the locals as the trucks rolled into town.

Over 5 stages and


Craig Lowndes & Jamie Whincup would battle it out in ‘anything-but-a-V8’races – just to keep things somewhat level.

These included:
Lawn Mower Mayhem in Bathurst, The Beachballs of Thunder on the Goldcoast, The Penguin Suit Slalom on Phillip Island & The Giant Rubber Duck Derby in Sydney.

Leading up to each race we created posters, press and radio spots.
Post race we created short films of each event to live online so that fans across Australia (and beyond) could see what the team had been up to.

The best of the five stages – well, in my opinion, was the Titanic Tank Race. It’s Tanks. Racing. Whats not to love. Man and Machine in perfect harmony.