Since the launch of the GWS GIANTS AFL club back in 2012, the opening round of the season has been kicked off with a special Derby round whereby the two Sydney teams – The GWS GIANTS and the Sydney Swans – play each other in what launched as “The Battle of the Bridge”. A term that’s been used ever since. 

We needed to rally support for Derby, but more importantly get people to the GIANTS stadium to see the underdogs play are hopefully, win.

We let fans battle it out onTwitter
To push the campaign out through the social channels we developed twitter’s first ever ‘battle’. Unique hashtags sent from the fan’s location would claim territory for their club.
The tweets also appeared live on the campaign’s website where a map of the greater Sydney area highlight where tweets had been sent and who the tweet was in support of.

Battle Twitter Feed

How it worked



The Giants had record home game attendance (17,102) and achieved their revenue target.
Membership increased by 40% over the course of the campaign.
Facebook fans increased 6.4%.
Hundreds tweeted and took territory for their team, while the reach extended to 70,000+.
Giants’ fans won the Twitter Battle 81% to 19% while the Giants, against all odds, also won the battle on the field!