CommBank has a longstanding association with Australian cricket, but few people understood the relevancy. So we connected the dots and launched The CommBank Cricket Club – the bank’s most successful brand TVC  since they started testing. 

Welcome to The CommBank Cricket Club (The CCC). While clubs can be exclusive, The CCC is anything but; it’s incredibly inclusive and everyone’s already a member. Its sole purpose; to make cricket even better wherever we can – from the local pub teams to the Australian men’s team, and from unhealthily passionate fans to those who give up their weekends just to support their kids.

Launch Film




The CCC Grants Program

The CommBank Cricket Club offers it’s members the chance to claim grants, cricket merchandise and regeneration programs for their very own cricket clubs, helping make cricket better at the grassroots level.

The CCC Seat Giveaway

In this promotional spot for the CommBank Cricket Club we let fans know that rather than watching the cricket from the comfort of their home or the pub, they could be watching live in the stadium.