Woolies were sponsors of the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast.

Fun fact: Australia is ranked 14th in terms of Commonwealth country population, but in every Comm Games we’ve placed in the top 3. So we really do punch above out weight.
Why? Well, we think the Aussie produce they eat may have something to do with it.
That was the theory anyway.

So we took a little film crew out to meet the people who have been a big part of these athletes’ lives growing up.
Turns out they had some cracking yarns.

On top of the 450 outdoor sites, a tram, a tonne of digital elements and countless in store collateral (not to mention all the brochures and the website I wrote), we created something like 15 unique little films for this campaign.

We even renamed the Gold Coast, The Green and Gold Coast during the games.

It was a massive campaign.
And it delivered the results that Woolies was looking for.
Here’s a 2 minute campaign summary: